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The retail giant H&M (or Hennes and Mauritz) was founded in 1947 under the original name Hennes, in the Swedish city of Västerås. Now an absolutely dominating force in today’s fashion, the brand is known for its incredible turn-around time on transfering catwalk trends straight to the high-street. Creating clothes, shoes and accessories (and now even homewear!) which are completely on-trend, it is the ideal place to update your wardrobe with key pieces encapuslating this season’s trends. They also stock a reliable range of basics and essentials, ranging in colours and styles, so you can create an entirely new wardrobe all in one shop.

Perfect for fast-fashion, choose H&M  for men, women and children for stand-out, fashion forward clothing, or the perfect simple piece to compliment your style.

H&M now has round 2,300 stores worldwide, spanning 43 countries and is officially the 2nd largest clothing retailer on the globe (just behind Inditex – ZARA’s parent company, but far ahead of the giant US company GAP Inc.). The brand’s vast global presence has led to their fronting a series of high profile charity, environmental and awareness campaigns. 2012 sees the 5th annual H&M Fashion Against Aids (FAA) collection, to raise funds and awareness, particularly in its young audience. The line is vibrantly patterned and is sure to make an extremely strong visual impact as the brand’s wearers prepare for summer! Furthermore, their latest eco friendly venture, called Conscious, discusses in detail how they are constantly developing their procedures to ensure greater sustainability and improved working condiitions. From April 2012, we’ll see the launch of a sustainable range using organic cotton, hemp and recycled materials which has already been championed by Amanda Seyfried on a premiere red carpet, and spotted on the likes of Kristin Davis and Michelle Williams.

H&M is also reknowned for their high profile guest collections from insanely famous fashion designers – bringing high fashion quite literally to the highstreet. They kicked off the trend in November 2004, with a collaboration with none other than Karl Lagerfeld. Since then, fashion fans have been able to get their hands on capsule-collections from Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf, Madonna, Roberto Cavalli, Kylie Minogue, Comme des Garcons, Matthew Williamson, Marimekko, Jimmy Choo, Sonia Rykiel, Lanvin, Versace, and most recently, in March 2012, a collaboration with Marni for the brand led by film-director Sofia Coppola. For high-fashion fanatics, these collections have proven an exciting (and definitely more affordable) way to get a slice of the cake.

H&M Australia!

Sadly we all know that there’s still no H&M Australia down under, despite constant rumours since Topshop and co. stepped foot on our shores. In order to get your hands on some gorgeous H&M Versace, or just to browse and shop from the brand, without hopping into a plane and flying to Hong Kong (is that really still our nearest?!), Dealies suggests investigating mail forwarders, or personal shoppers in the UK or the States. We’ll keep our eyes open for all the latest shipping prices and sales, so you know exactly when to time your purchase! Also, it has regular online sales and discounts, so we’ll keep you posted on all that too… With Dealies, shopping online in Australia has never been so easy!


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